Internal links broken in footnotes

Internal links in footnotes that work fine in preview mode are broken when I navigate to them in edit mode using Crtl + click. ONLY while in edit mode. If footnote includes multiple internal links, only the first link fails.

My system is a bit of a variant on the traditional Zettlekasten, so note names have a date/time stamp at the front, followed by a brief description or ID. All notes are in the same directory and file names have not been changed.

As you can see, in edit mode, the date/time stamp does not display as hyperlink. If I use Ctrl+click then Obsidian takes me to a new blank note using on the latter portions of the file name:
Edit mode:

However, in preview mode, the hyperlink displays and works correctly using the entire file name:

this was already reported, please search before posting.

A post was merged into an existing topic: First link in footnotes is not properly recognized

I did. The original report hadn’t had any activity in 2 weeks so I didn’t know if it was still considered unresolved or not. It also didn’t saying anything about the difference between edit and preview modes

if the post is in bug reports, is still considered open. Even if it is in the graveyard, we get notifications and can reopen a report.

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good to know- thank you! <3