Internal links and special characters


there might be some kind of drawback to using special characters like “à” or “é” in internal-links? I’m still not sure if I can use accents in filenames…


I think the main obstacle is whether the operating system of any of your device refuses to use those characters in the file name. Nowadays, I don’t think it will pose as a major problem to use these kind of characters for filenames.

The one character I’ve so far have got a problem using is ? as they’re not legal in filenames on Android, and / since that is used as a folder separator. Other than that, I can’t think of any characters not being possible to use in a filename.

As a very simple proof of concept:

This is a file I just made, which is the the four accented characters for starters, and the word “problem” in the languages of “Gujarati”, “Simplified chinese” and “Tajik”. (Neither of which I speak, but the characters look interesting… )

So, if on my macOS there are no problems using accents in filenames, there shouldn’t be any problems with internal links either once the files are uploaded on a unix/linux server… In any case, I usually only use accented characters, dashes and underscores, and avoid punctuation marks, slash, etc…

There shouldn’t be, but just test it. Internal links works nicely for me, but I’ve not uploaded to an Unix/ Linux server, and as said it does depend on the file system more than on the markdown.

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