Internal Link to Heading Converter

I routinely extract and append notes from my daily note. As a result I often create a link in order to get the correct name of a note and then turn it into a heading. It would be great to have a plugin that allowed me to switch between links and top level headings.

For example, I might be in my daily note and start writing something about Origami. First I create a link to the Origami file:


Obsidian provides search as I type, so it’s easy to find the note I want.

I’m going to do some writing and then extract it, so I need to turn the link into a heading:

# Origami

I’ve now got a top level heading so when I have finished writing I can extract this heading and append it to the bottom of the Origami note.

This workflow has been very effective for me because every day is a kind of inbox and I review and file them all while maintaining a log of files I added to on that day. The only other issue is that extract includes the top level heading and I really just want a date stamp (I have a template that does this).