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Hi my name is Charles and I’m a doctorant student. I do some of my bibliography with Obsidian and in a note on a subject i put a callout called “bibliography” where i put all the links to pdf so i can preview them and click on them to open it very quickly.

Things I have tried

As I take some notes on them I want to do it like an article and do some [1] ( linked to the document ). I know this is feasible but I can’t figure it out. Every internal link just highlight the whole callout.

What I’m trying to do

Can I link a single bullet point in a callout instead of putting the name of the document every time ?

Thanks, have a great day.

PS : I know, i loose some time over this

There are three types of internal links in Obsidian:

  • Note link, [[SomeNote]]
  • Heading links, [[SomeNote#Some header]]
  • Block links, [[SomeNote^964a48]]

More on the last here:

The definition of a block, as per the link is:

A “block” can be a paragraph, a blockquote, a list item, etc. In general, anything that has empty lines before and after is a block.

So the smallest target available as I read your description is the callout block, and that can’t be broken without changing the callout.

So as I see it (but I’m not an expert, just a regular user) you’ve got the following options:

  • Separate out the block you want to link somehow, and link to the block
  • Change your notation into pure lists, as you are able to link individual list items (as long as they’re not part of a blockquote)
  • Change your notation into headings, and use some CSS magic to make it appear like a callout
  • Keep the link to the callout block, but change the display text to indicate which part of the callout you want, like in [[SomeNote^84ad28|some text]]

Hope this helps,

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Hi Holroy,

Thanks for your time and your response. I swap to your 2nd proposition to make it a pure list. It’s not as great as I wanted with the callout but it works. I know that this is a request from the community so hopefully it will be implemented or a plugin will do it. Anyway here is the result :


The original was that :

Thanks for your help,

Have a great day,

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