Internal link refering to a whole section

Hello everybody,

I’ve tried looking out for the solution on Obsidian Help and in the Help Forum, but didn’t find one.

I would like to do the following :

Create an internal link on one subject - here, [[ Cosmotechnique ]].

When I click on the internal [[ Cosmotechnique ]] link, it drives me towards a blank page (which is, I assume, normal).
I would like my [[ Cosmotechnique ]] link to encompass the whole section related to [[ Cosmotechnique ]] : here, for instance, the two following paragraphs.

So that I could, once my connections have been done, collect in the new file all the sections related to the same [[ Cosmotechnique ]] reference, updated whenever I’ll edit one of the pre-existing references, or when I create a new [[ Cosmotechnique ]] link.

Is it possible to do so ?
Many thanks for your help ! :innocent: