Internal link in metadata and Dataview

Hello everyone :smiley:

What I’m trying to do

I have some etymological notes (for example : “adiabatos - infranchissable”)

Some of my other notes have a Metadata called “Etymologie”. Its values (list) are internal links to these notes.

For exemple, in a note called “Adiabatique”, the metadata is :

  • “[[adiabatos - infranchissable]]”
  • “[[-ikos - (suff. ique) relatif à, qui est propre à]]”


In each etymological note, I want to create a list of all the notes whose “Etymologie” metadata contains a link to the current note (to get all the words from this etymological root).

Things I have tried

In my note “adiabatos - infranchissable”, I tried the Dataview code :

LIST Etymologie
WHERE contains(Etymologie,

But it doesn’t work (it’s not a parsing problem, just there’s no result). I tried many other options, without achieving my goal.

If I replace “[[adiabatos - infranchissable]]” by the simple string adiabatos - infranchissable, it works. But i’d want to keep internal links.

So, Dataview seems to have a problem to process internal links in metadata. Or maybe it exists another way.

Would you have a solution to propose ??
Thanks a lot :wink:

Try using in that contains() function.

Thanks a lot ! It was so simple :upside_down_face: :+1:

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