Internal Link - Bug

  • Problem description:

    • When creating a link, the search function is not working properly.
    1. Searching for paragraphs works normally, but searching for blocks (using ^) does not identify any text.
    2. After creating a link, when typing shift+6 to return the circumflex accent, the Modifier Letter Circumflex Accent is returned instead, which is normal, considering the PT-BR language of the keyboard, which automatically expects a following letter to identify if you want to accentuate it, however, the problem appears the next moment, since pressing the space key should return the Circumflex Accent and, instead, all the text typed inside the brackets is erased and replaced by a pair of Circumflex Accent.
    3. After this happens, Obsidian partially crashes.
    4. Even if you delete both carets and try to search for any link, nothing is recognized and all markdown formatting stops working until, for some reason, you type a caret on another line.
  • Attempts to solve the problem

    1. Turned off the current theme (Minimal).
    2. Turned off community plugins.
    3. Tried to reproduce on sandbox vault and it also had the same problem.

  • Images of the steps that demonstrate the problem (in the sandbox vault)

  • Observations

  • About a week ago I created a thread trying to report the problem, but I described it poorly. I believe that’s why the report was moved to the help section.

  • I’m not a developer and I have no experience even with using forums, reporting bugs and things like that, so I’ve already spent hours just trying to describe this problem. I ask that if I misdescribed the problem again, please be patient and request more information before dismissing the report.

  • I have been using obsidian almost since its creation and this did not happen before. It’s been some time since this problem started, but I’m not able to pinpoint exactly where it started because I thought it would be a small bug that would be fixed by the next update. Time passed and I ended up losing track of when the problem started.

  • I use MacOs and my OS language and keyboard is set to Portuguese (Brazil).

I hope the problem is better described now.