Internal link auto-complete should have illegal character warning

When we create an internal link with a new note title/filename, there is not the same illegal character warning as in the note title header.


Also a problem for me. I found this out because I created the link [[office/department policies]] in several files, planning to create that note later and fill in some details. (This seems to be a common practice among users in the forum.) Only when I tried to create the note did I receive the warning “ENOENT: no such file or directory”.

Usually you can fix links across files by opening the note and changing the title, then Obsidian updates all the links. But I could not do this since the note could not be created! Obsidian does not appear to offer another mechanism to fix links, so I had to use search to find all such instances and update each one manually. This seems to defeat the functionality of linking among notes, and it can be avoided with a warning about illegal characters.

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