Intermittent Buggy Graph View

Steps to reproduce

Clicking on graph view after opening Obsidian. Also sometimes even after using it for a while, but it’s pretty intermittent

Expected result

Can’t upload another image

Actual result


  • Operating system: Ubuntu 20.04
  • Obsidian version: 0.6.0
  • Using custom CSS: Gruvbox + Andy v2 and et-book fonts, but I’ve had this problem even in vanilla Obsidian

Here is the expected result:

I have seen the exact same thing in multiple versions. This time:

I had the graph view open in one pane when I updated to the 0.6.2 release. On starting up the new version, the graph view showed everything on top of each other in one small part of the pane! I closed that pane, opened a new pane and hit cmd-G but again it showed the same thing. But this cleared up on restarting Obsidian, where I had the expected graph view. I restarted obsidian again and I saw the same thing.

Some more detail:

I have two vertical panes, the right one split in 3 smaller panes and the left one in two panes. The graph view is in bottom left pane. When it gets in this mode, I close the pane, resplit the longer pane and hit cmd-G. Almost always now it shows the expected view but if I restart it goes back to the messed up view.

The common theme seems to be to close obsidian with a normal graph view in one pane. On restart it is messed up.

Still trying to consistently reproduce this bug, any info is appreciated! :pray: @scmwiz

I can do this consistently now:

  • close all files
  • open a file, preview it in a new pane
  • split one of the vertical panes horizontally
  • cmd-G => normal graph view
  • cmd-R => messed up view => you can do this any number of times with the same result
  • close graph view pane
  • split horizontally
  • cmd-G => normal graph view

On v0.6.2 + Mojave.

Ok, you should be able to follow the same steps using the exact same vault (modulo home dir path):

  • mkdir ~/vault
  • start obsidian, open the above dir as your vault
  • click on “open demo & help” to populate the demo
  • split the left pane vertically, hit cmd-G => normal graph in bottom left pane.
  • cmd-R => messed up.

I had the same problem by opening the IMF_AdvancedStarterKit_v2 on MacOS and Obsidian v0.6.2. It does that the first time I open the Graph View.

@scmwiz Is it still reproducible on 0.6.3?

Looks like it has bugged out!

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@joaogui1 If you don’t run into this in a few days either I’m going to bury this bug. Thanks!

@Silver haven’t seen the bug again, you can bury the bug. Thanks!

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