Interface to filter search results by frequently used words / links

I’d love to see a filter for search results, where adding the filter would adjust the search.

Roam allows you to filter backlinks. Notice how the view shows you the number of times different pages are referenced in the backlinks - this gives you an idea of which items will be the most fruitful to filter in or out. Very helpful interface for exploratory search / browsing!

In Obsidian, backlinks aren’t as relevant, frequent, or consistent because search is amazing. Instead of filtering backlinks, people instead just add to their search term. However, this isn’t as helpful for the situations where you have dozens or hundreds of results and you don’t know yet how you want to narrow its scope.

I’d like to see an interface that shows me words, page references, and tags that appear frequently in the results, let me include and exclude items, and then have it actually update the search term to reflect the filter.

  1. search for xyz
  2. manually trigger a modal that shows items to filter the search results by
  3. select a filter item… select multiple filter items… remove items etc.
  4. search results show/hide as you add/subtract filter items. Search term reflects your filters.

@smurfman111 helped me spec this out, @EleanorKonik also said she would find it useful. cc @Emile @ryanjamurphy and @syncretizm , who might be able to get this through or find people to get it through.

For Murf’s backlinks filter plugin, he used two numbers so he could show the number of pages it would filter out from the search results, as well as the number of times that item was mentioned. That feels right for here as well!


For me, Co-Citations in the Graph Analysis plugin acts more or less as a filter like you describe in your post! Graph Analysis - Co Citations - YouTube

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Not exactly what you are describing, but similar goals?

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That would help me visualize namespaced hashtags (structure in foresight) but would not help me narrow down on searches (structure in hindsight)