Interface to disable plugins in mobile

According to this comment on Reddit it’s very simple to disable a plugin in mobile by accessing the manifest.json files.

The idea for the plugin is a very simple interface listing the installed plugins next to a toggle that disable the plugin in mobile, while leaving it enabled in the desktop app.

You can use different config folders for the same vault. Duplicate the .obsidian folder by making a copy. Rename the original as .pc, .windows, or .linux and the other .mobile, .iphone or .ipad or whatever. From the latter, delete the plugins you don’t want to use.
In Obsidian, go to About > Override config folder and type in the folder name corresponding with your platform. Hit relaunch.

This is indeed a good solution. However, for someone like me, relatively new to Obsidian, and therefore still doing small customization regularly, this would require the effort to replicate the configuration in every machine.
The suggested interface to disable plugins in mobile would simplify the process.

I agree it’s tiring to update the data.json files of plugins across platforms, which I deal with on iOS running a copy update script before pushing updates with git (by way of a Siri Shortcut). But not for every plugin, because for some plugins, like Commander, I have different data than for PC.

Hi, you could use the Group Plug-ins, and set a different groups for each platform you use!

I will try that. Thanks

Quick plugin switcher is now doing it