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This may be an odd subject, but I am wondering if anyone has used Obsidian to write an interactive hypertext adventure “game”; for those with gray hair, think Zork etc.

It seems to be that Obsidian could be used in this way.


For sure, Obsidian could be used to create a static choose-your-own adventure, similar to the books they published once upon a time.

The primary limitation Obsidian presents is a lack of state – so you couldn’t, for example, “remember” that the player visited a room in order to give a different result next time they enter.

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@Craig maybe with Javascript plugins like Obsidian JavaScript Init or DataviewJS?

@robodean I take it you’re not interested in any of the bespoke IDEs or languages that are out there for writing such things? …I think what you could do out-of-the-box with Obsidian is just write a simple “choose your own adventure”-type story.

It has been done before. See…

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it’s really a good tool! as the already noted, i used it for severl projects… and it’s even easy to export the filanal vollection of .md as an ebook or PDF (via pandoc)… i guess i documented everything… let us know !

It’s not that I’m not happy with what’s out there. Twine is excellent. But obsidian just seems so ready to do this and it’s a better writing environment. That’s the thing. Most of the bespoke tools for interactive fiction is very focused on interactive functionality and less on a good environment for actually writing.

You’ve already used it to create static, hyperlink fiction?

This is true. Unless someone writes a plugin for it, it’s only useful for creating the linking.

But for me, the writing comes first so I’m thinking: could I use obsidian for all the writing and initial links and then bring it into a bespoke IDE for the rest.

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