Intended Functionality: Starred Notes

Things I have tried

I was just playing around with starred notes between my desktop app on MacOS and the mobile app on iOS. I noticed that a starred note on the desktop would not sync to iOS, and that from iOS if a note is starred that it would also not sync to the desktop app.

What I’m trying to do

I was under the impression that if I starred something that it would be starred across all devices. So sometimes I’m starring something on my desktop that I may need to quickly reference later on my mobile device.

But I also understand that maybe this is not the intended use case of starred notes? Maybe it’s not meant to sync and the “starred” metadata is only local to the device because maybe starring something is device specific. So you star things on your mobile device for quick reference when out and about like your grocery list when at the store, but starred notes are different on desktop because of when you’re in deeper thought and you have consistent notes you always go back to like an index note or something.

So I guess I’m curious, what’s the intended functionality of the starred feature? Is it intended to be local to device or global across all devices?

Starred notes are synced between devices.

If you are using Obsidian Sync you need to enable syncing of “Core plugin settings”, with other services it should be synced automatically.

After the file has been synced where this is stored you need to restart Obsidian to be able to see it there.
This is the same as with any other plugin data, it’s only loaded from file when Obsidian starts.

We might rework this behavior in the future to make it more sync friendly.


Hi and thank you for your reply!

Originally I did have all these settings configured properly(or at least so I thought), on my Mac laptop. Everything was setup to sync, but nothing was properly syncing across devices to my iOS phone.

With revisiting this thread, I remembered I noticed that the mobile app seems to have it’s own settings separate from the desktop app. So while Obsidian Sync was set to sync everything on my Mac laptop, none of that was configured for my iOS device. When I replicated my settings on my mobile device to match that of my MacOS device, things are syncing perfectly across devices now.

So to clarify my confusion I was confounding two types of syncs: Remote Sync, and Across Sync. Remote sync is just syncing content from local to the remote server. Across sync is syncing content from one device to another. So when I had setup my Obsidian Sync settings on my Mac, I assumed that I had configured both Remote Sync and Across Sync when in reality I was only setting up settings for Remote Sync. When I setup my iOS device to replicate the exact same Remote Sync settings from my phone to remote server, AT THAT POINT I had ALSO configured things to now have Across Sync functionality between my iOS device and Mac laptop.

So I’m all good now, thank you. Possibly worth clarifying this in the Sync documentation, and if it already is apologizes for not reading it thoroughly :sweat_smile:

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