Integration with Workflows and/or

Hi all,

I would love an integration with WorkFlowy or (outliner) with client side encryption [] I believe in integration like this should be a core part of the product as opposed to a plugin. Because:

Outline features have frequently been requested as features.

This allows for that ability without compromising Obsidians markdown file format.
Like if you love’d this feature as well.

What are you expecting to be able to do with this integration? I struggle to imagine how this would work.

By the way, the developers of Obsidian are the developers of Dynalist, another outliner.

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I don’t know how I could not have heard of Dynalist before. It’s just like Obsidian just online and with a great app!
When will the be integrated? :slight_smile:

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What does “integration” mean, though?

You can iframe most web outliners inside Obsidian, and some folks have done this with Dynalist already.

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I meant Dynalist. :slight_smile: basically to have easy access to the outlier. Along with the ability to easy export outlines into Obsidian.
I would love for the ability to use an outliner app as great as Dynalyst but locally and or with encryption

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Overuse of the word ability. Sorry

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Well, Obsidian is as far as I know PC-based, local with your own files.
You need other tools like apps for Android or cloud to sync in some way.
As I’m trying Dynalist now it seems that this part is already covered if Dynalist and Obsidian could somehow work together.
Like connect/sync Dynalist cloud and android app (I know it’s the same database, to the offline database of Obsidian.

Or am I way behind the latest development and does this already exist? :slight_smile:

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A sync service for Obsidian is on the roadmap as a paid built-in feature. See