Integration with Microsoft Todo

I now use Microsoft Todo to track & sync my tasks across platforms, would there be a plugin to sync data between obsidian and this?




there is a MS graph plugin project for to aaccess calendar and emails on git.

I will try to extand this for Tasks when I get some time to dive into opsidian model for plugins…
the MS graph rest api exsits for To Dos:


Maybe the Todoist plug-in code could also be reviewed for ideas (if its author is ok with that)

I found this beta plugin on Github, which integrates Obsidian and Microsoft To-do. Haven’t tested it yet, but I will: GitHub - LumosLovegood/obsidian-mstodo-sync: microsoft-todo for

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Here are some screenshots, since the plugin docs don’t include them. Note that these are from a fork by a contributor from Microsoft (@sytone), and specifically the “issue8” branch of that fork.





Task as added to ToDo:

In theory, it should be able to do two-way syncing of task status, but it is currently not working.

You can also import all your tasks from ToDo to Obsidian, which works.


Hey @sytone, just wanted to reach out since I just found out that you are present in the forum. As you can see in this thread, and this one, there is some interest a MS ToDo plugin and specifically your fork of the ms-todo WIP plugin. Do you have any update on the comment you wrote here on Github:

I could setup my fork to release. The branch I had only really has me using it so if you are able to use it as well it is a good sign. :grinning:

It would be a nice fit for Obsidian October, but no pressure of course! :slight_smile:

As an interim solution, I am using the Open Gate plugin, which allows you to embed any website into Obsidian. GitHub - nguyenvanduocit/obsidian-open-gate: Help to open a gate from Obsidian to internet. allow you to embed any website to your Obsidian.

I embed Microsoft ToDo and Google Keep, and it works flawlessly. This string will embed ToDo: Microsoft To Do.

Any News here?
I tried the plugin, but it doesn’t seem to work for me. Either I’m using it incorrectly or I’ve installed the app incorrectly. Commands are available, and the app is connected to my account. I don’t know. But I’m very interested in the plugin.

I’m still around, I am hoping over the break I can look at ‘issue8’ can clean it up, I am mostly done with my main plugin ( Query All The Things | Obsidian - Query All The Things ( for the moment so can spend some time looking at the todo implementation.


I’m glad to hear that! I would love to help with testing and such, so just let me know when there’s something to test. Would also love to hear more about how QATT compares to Dataview, but that’s for another thread. Btw, congratulations with the progress on QATT.


Hi all, I was wondering if there are been any developments regarding this integration? Looking forward to see how it works :slight_smile:

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Same here, still hoping that this integration with Microsoft Todo becomes reality!

Also interested on this one! Will check the repo…


Also interested. Waiting…