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Language Tool is a privacy-oriented version of Grammarly.

It would be nice to have the ability to add the tool for spell check and detection of grammar issues in notes.


I think the best way would to use It is based on LanguageTool but works with Markdown files.

Maybe we could use the singleline output and display the errors and warnings in a new pane. Because the tool is relatively slow, we probably should only run it on save or user-request.

This would be a killer feature indeed. I did switch from Grammarly to LanguageTool a while ago. For privacy reasons but it also supports more languages beyond English. I am currently reviewing my writing in Ulysses — they have built in LT, I guess by using the LanguageTool API —

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You can also install LanguageTool locally and use it entirely offline:

There are lots of existing plugins that use it: - many of these are open source and could be used as a foundation.


So, admittedly - I’m very very new to Obsidian.

But, from my very limited use thus far of the app… total game changer if the developers would implement LanguageTool into Obsidian. WoW!!!

If there is a place to cast a vote for this feature request, I’d sure love to know about.

Like many I’m sure, my workflow consists of several apps/platforms. The heavy hitters in it have been ROAM, Ulysses & Readwise. I totally enjoy the writing experience on Obsidian much more than ROAM, almost as much as Ulysses. The only reason, I even say Ulysses still is holding on by a thread is mainly because of the integration of LanguageTool.

If there was the ability to integrate LanguageTool, and Readwise import… It would be a one-stop shop = Total Bliss!

I hope that it will be possible to have LanguageTool inside obsidian <3 Any news? Anyone tried to make it possible? LT has many languages this integration will help workaround lack of spell checker other languages than English. For this reason, I am still using Zettlr in parallel with obsidian.

+1 for languagetool @Licat do you know this tool?