Integration with Feedly

Until the Obsidian team and Feedly partner up and integrate each other’s API, would it be possible to make the inclusion of RSS feeds into Obsidian notes as easy as possible, without so much “select all” + “copy and paste”?

I use Feedly :newspaper: as a primary way to preserve the webpages or news articles I find interesting and can only pay attention later.
I’m beginning to use to the subsequent phase: analyzing and summarizing what was relevant about those feeds.

I’d say the way Feedly handles all its inputs and its share options is pretty neat (with a clean look and small stylized app icons for each of its API integrations).


Sorry, I’m having trouble following what you’d actually like to happen in Obsidian. Do you want Obsidian to be an RSS reader using Feedly as a feed provider?

If you just want your highlights to appear in Obsidian, it would actually be trivial to set up an automation to append highlights to a note with title “Name of article in Feedly - Author - Date” using something like Zapier.

Generic RSS reader would be the goal, Feedly is nice (use it myself a lot) but it’s used for reading and exploring/finding RSS feeds.


My ideal setup would be for Feedly to incorporate an exporter (since I’ve already a lot of archived pages there) but since that does not dependent on development made by developers I guess I would only ask for the same ability for importing pages in the same card/tiled style: the ability to just input the URL and automatically import images and text, what really matters, and create an automatic markdown file in some predefined obsidian vault.

How this would work? I would like to extract my Feedly highlight but don’t know how to setup Zapier? Thanks for your help.

I’m afraid I don’t have the bandwidth to walk you through it, sorry. Best way to start is to set up a Zapier account as poke around with the integrations.

See e.g.,

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