Integrating into Obsidian

I use a Catch —› Collection app called mymind. It’s perfect for catching, tagging and storing clippings, URLs, images and stuff from your mobile device (I find it far more useful than bookmarking). It looks like a Pinterest board that you can add notes to the capture and create custom spaces. I’ve sent the folks from a couple of nudges via Twitter and their contact form. Here’s their link: Love to hear your thoughts :star_struck::v::man_juggling:

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On an infinite timescale anything is possible, but I’d make a hefty bet this won’t get added into the core Obsidian.

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Perhaps… :man_juggling::v:

Is there a way to embed a link to my mymind spaces inside canvas?

Is there a way to embed a link to your mymind inside a regular note?

Maybe show what the link format looks like. Or explain where you’ve had success linking in other apps. This is an Obsidian forum, there might not be many people familiar with mymind, so please try to include some info in your question.

I would love this integration. For the moment I’ll explore if I can build an automation using something like Zapier