Integrated RSS and Email reader

Many of us follow certain sites to stay updated on topics of our interest, I think it would be feasible to incorporate a simple rss reader.

On the other hand, having a personalized email to which to send Kindle-style emails would be very useful to be able to safeguard information that we cannot save at the moment.

Also a plugin for obsidian, or some way to automate via IFTT, as well as an integrated Epub reader

  • I love your product and how you are developing

Would indeed be a plugin.
RSS is not part of the daily workflow for everyone.
Have a look at Feedly which I am using for three years now (Pro version).
This is a great RSS reader which is regularly updated.
Last β€˜new’ thing is the integration of twitter feeds.
Feedly also makes use of AI to remove double articles out of your main feed.

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