Integrate 'Mermaid' & 'PlantUML' functionality into Canvas

Use case or problem

I want to quickly import a workflow based on mermaid or plantuml. which I got generated from GPT-4. And then drag & drop it in the way I want it to be, and also add the links to my notes.

Proposed solution

This functionality exists already in notes
with mermaid {text}
or plantuml {text}
should work the same way. (as it does, when creating a card)
I think to make it work, you would need a new button on the lower side (cards, notes, images, automatic visualisation[mermaid, plantuml, tikz]).
Where you could enter your text within the [visualization type] {text}
and then the cards or notes [depending if the text would have been within [[{note}]] or {card} and with the links that describe the visualization tooling

Current workaround (optional)

not possible atm

Related feature requests (optional)

haven’t found any

Thanks in advance.

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Maybe I misunderstand your request, but it seems like Canvas already supports Mermaid diagrams:

Edit mode:


After clicking away from the card:


Thanks for taking the time to try to understand my ramblings.

I want the following:
Upon entry via the special button at the bottom.
There should be automatically created multiple notes or cards depending on the entry with the relative relationship based on the text.

The same way that happens when you input your text into
Hopefully this comparison makes more sense?!