Instant canvas note swap

Hi all,

  • I propose an instant canvas note “swap” using alt + click, when clicking on a canvas note link.
  • Thus this feature relates to
    • canvas,
    • clicking on links within a canvas page,
    • and swapping canvas notes with other notes.
  • Current process: clicking on a link changes the tab workspace to navigate to the clicked link. Or Ctrl+click will open the link in a new tab.
  • My use case: yesterday I placed ysterday’s daily note within my Home.canvas. Today, in the canvas, I want to click the link within the daily note to “swap” the note to today’s daily note. But when I click on the [[YYYY-MM-DD|tomorrow]] link, the entire workspace navigates to that link.
  • Current work around: Right click, swap file, type name of today’s daily note, select.
    • Drawback of current work around:
      • it doesn’t use the [[yesterday/tomorrow]] links that already exist within the note.
      • multiple clicks/mouse movement/typing
  • Other use cases: more broadly, there would be times when you want to quickly swap the note, rather than navigate directly to the note or open the note in a new tab/window.
  • Suggested solution: use a modifier "alt/option" + click to instruct instant swap note.


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