Install on Mac 10.13.6

As the title of the post says: how can I install Obsidian on a Mac OS 10.13.6? Where can I find and download older versions?
Any help appreciated!

This is a recurring question.
Search forum for 10.13.6.

Thanks, @gino_m , I had search the forum and find some posts about the issue but what I’ve read just explains technical issues but it doesn’t seem there’s a link to an installer and in the list of releases here just point to the current release…I’ve found a page on uptown that apparently let’s you download older version but I don’t know if it is a trustworthy site…

It appears you want the 1.5.3 installer.

That link,, is the official page for current and previous releases.

You just need to scroll down a bit to the version and click the “Assets” dropdown.

Thanks @ariehen, my bad :man_facepalming:, I didn’t notice there was the “assets” link…

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