Install Obsidian program on Google Drive?

Ah, I hate to be redundant (goes against my OCD ADHD… err, productivity-minded manner - hey, you too?) as I think I saw a reply somewhere that mentioned this is possible but I can’t find it now.

I want to sync not just my vaults, but my program settings between my Windows 10 laptop and desktop. Otherwise I have to set up my custom keyboard shortcuts and all the other settings twice.

Is the Obsidian install “portable” enough that it could be installed in a Google Drive folder?

I’m all over Git for my vaults, and I’m also storing them in GDrive, and so far no problems with all the syncing, pushing and what not.

But I would love to add a keyboard shortcut, tweak some other settings and maybe even even get the latest insider build on my laptop, and then later open it up on my desktop and see that GDrive has synced all that over.

Anyone doing this?

Shortcut settings are inside .obsidian/config, so they will sync along with the rest of your vault without you having to do anything.


Hey thanks! It wasn’t working for me so I posted my question. With your reply I looked deeper and turns out for some reason Google Drive was creating an “.obsidian(1)” folder in my vault folder instead of syncing the the existing “.obsidian” folder. Got it sorted out now, and all my settings/CSS are on both computers now :slight_smile:

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Hi, I’m new to all this so sorry if I’m misunderstanding, but are you hosting your git repo on Google Drive and then using that to sync Obsidian across devices? Would that work to sync Obsidian with GDrive on iOS?