Insider Builds not downloading (Windows 11)

Things I have tried

  • Updating from Settings > About > Check for Updates
  • Rebooting Obsidian
  • Clicking Settings > Account > your account > Manage settings…
  • followed directions at Insider builds - Obsidian Help

What I’m trying to do

Install v15.5 (which is an insider build) onto my Windows machine. It is already installed on my mac. Both my mac and PC are logged into the same account and are syncing with each other through Obsidian Sync. But my Windows machine won’t update past 14.15.

I apologize if this is obvious, but did you try turning on the insider build checkbox? I notice that the help page you linked shows it in the OFF position. If you copied that, it actually needs to be flipped ON.

If you did turn it on, does it auto turn off or something?

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Oh my god. That was totally it. Thank you. :man_facepalming:

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