Inserting specific answer with selected dropdown option

How to input a command by defining a template or template tag that corresponds to each dropdown option using Meta Bind Plugins, and then inserting the specific answer associated with the selected dropdown option? Thanks.

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Never tried the Meta Bind plugin as probably what I wanted for myself can be done with Templater javascript and with a little fiddling around and with help on the forum one can incorporate bits of code to suit one’s use case.

One can use the suggester for drop-down functionality:

const editor = app.workspace.activeLeaf.view.editor;
const selection = editor.getSelection();
const tagg = await tp.system.suggester(

if (tagg !== null && tagg !== undefined && tagg !== '') {
	if (tagg === 'mermaid') {
        tR += "```mermaid\n" + selection + "\n```";
    } else if (tagg === 'plantuml') {
        tR += "```plantuml-svg\n" + selection + "\n```";
} else {
  • I just trimmed a larger code to show some examples. (This snippet can be used to wrap selected text in html tags, for instance.)

As I said, I’m not conversant with the workflow sought for, I’m just throwing this up here.
Then anybody can take it further.