Inserting File Name as Header in New File

Things I have tried

I have tried using Templater with Advanced New File Plugin and also Templater with QuickAdd. I have found some topics on this in the forums but none solved the issue. The result is always “Untitled.” It seems like no matter what I do Templater gets the file name before the file is named. Not sure if that makes sense…

My templates have used the elements {{Title}} and {{Name}} as well as tp.file.title.

What I’m trying to do

What I am trying to do is upon new file creation, have a pop up that asks for the file name. That file name is then automatically inserted into the new file along with some other text from a template.

Note: I would still like for the new file to use a template upon creation as well.

If you can’t already tell, I do not know how to code so detailed help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Hello there. It is not a template issue, it is part of the general appearance configuration. 1) Every new note will appear with the default name “Untitled”, so you have to rename it every time. You can do it selecting the name (eg. Untitled) that shows in the tap above the note and typing whatever you want. 2) Now you’ll have to go to Settings, select Appearance and look for the option “Show inline title”, turn it off and… there you go.

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