Inserting a PDF document into Obsidian Note causes problems


I just wanted to perform a simple action, which was to insert a PDF file into an existing Obsidian Note.
Since there is no sharing option ( MAC ) , I dragged and dropped the PDF into the Obsidian Note.

But then the PDF is not displayed, but a note appears that the PDF is not yet created .Therefore it should be clicked to create the file.
When I do that, an empty note appears.

My questions:

1.Is there any way at all to save a PDF document inside an obsidian note. If yes, how to proceed ?

2.Since the first attempt failed, I tried a compromise solution in the form of saving the PDF document in a separate file. ( destination file )
In the source document I created an internal link to the PDF file ( destination file ).

Unfortunately, this way did also not work as expected. When the internal link is clicked, again only an empty document is created.

I hope someone can help me to resolve the current blockage.

Many thanks

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