Inserted picture is not shown on all devices


I created a note on my Mac and added a picture from the photo app via drag & drop, which works.

When I open the same note on my mobile devices (iPhone, iPad) the picture is missing. Instead it shows "Screenshot with date and time. When I click on it, a new note opens .In it, under Linked Mentions, it says that the original note is linked to screenshots.


  1. what could be the cause that the pictures are NOT visible on all devices ( incl. mobile devices like iPhone ) ?

  2. my impression is, that the image is only visible on the device that was first used in the drag & drop insertion. ( in my case the Mac )

  3. this may be related to the fact that the image could NOT be inserted into the Obsidian Note via the Share function, but only via Drag & Drop. In any case I have no SHARE function with Obsidian neither in the photo app nor from the desktop.

  4. therefore at this point the additional question: How to get Obsidian in the context menu for example in the photo app.

I would be very grateful for any assistance.

Many thanks

  1. In: Obsidian > Preferences > Files & Links > Default location for new attachments, where are the attachments being saved?
  2. What sync method are you using? iCloud or something else?

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