Insert text without formatting

It is not enough to insert text without formatting. That would remove all unnecessary, leaving only the text and line feeds


Hi, sorry, Iā€™m not quite sure what you mean? Is this a feature you would like to see implemented in Obsidian? If so, can you say a little bit more about what Obsidian does currently vs. what you would like it to do? Thanks

Remove all special characters from the inserted text. For example, Tab, the end of a paragraph, or a single line feed without text.
When copying from Word, Evernote, and other programs, sometimes it is so terrible that it is easier to re-format than fix

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So an option to be able to paste without formatting? Just pasting the text itself and nothing else


Yes. Just text

If you are using Mac , try using Option + Command + Shift + V to paste without formatting

On Linux (and Windows, I think) this would be Ctrl+Shift+V.

(Hint: This combination is quite popular and also works in other software, like LibreOffice.)