Insert template command requires selection even with only one template in the folder

Previously, if my template folder had only one template, the Insert Template command would simply insert this one template. Now, Insert Template opens a dialog box and makes me select a template even when there is only one template to select. I couldn’t find any other threads mentioning this new behavior; did I accidentally cause this by changing a setting somewhere?

I don’t think there’s a setting for that. Have you been running a vault with a single template and suddenly the behavior changed, or is this the first time in a while that you’ve had a single template and the behavior isn’t what you remember?

If it was recent, when did you first notice the change? I don’t recall hearing about the devs changing anything like this recently, but maybe it’s connected to a release somehow.

(I remember the old behavior you describe, and in a test vault I see the new behavior.)

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I always used a single template and suddenly the behavior changed. I think I first noticed the change a few days before I started this thread, so maybe May 22.

Version 1.3 came out on May 23, so maybe that was it. I’ll see if I can find out.

This was a deliberate change (for consistency) that was accidentally omitted from the release notes.

Interesting, thanks for tracking that down.

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