Insert Template automatically

What I’m trying to do

I would like to automatically insert a specific template into a note.
I have different daily plans for the different days in the week. I want them inside my daily note. Currently I have to manualy pick the template with the templater-plugin. I was wondering if there is any way that i could open my daily note and the plugin notices wich weekday we have and then automatically inserts the correct plan?
It’s all just about the content of the template. I dont need a link to the template.

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Jenks has a post or video on how he does this exact thing… My quick Google-fu failed me, but maybe that pointer gets you further along.

Thanks, i found the video where he does exactly what i was searching for (3 Amazing Obsidian Plugins [[DataView]], [[Outliner]], & [[Templater]] - YouTube).
Basically there is a Templater-Command called tp.file.include("[[Your Note]]") with that you paste the content of the file without linking it.
The automation comes in with an “if”-command also supported by Templater an the setting that Templater runs templates on creating a note.


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