Insert symbol when typing

Use case or problem

will be very useful when we need some Greek letters/symbols inline with other things we type - LaTex will occupy a whole line on its own.

Proposed solution

symbol as you type similar to this anki add-on


It is convenient to do these automatic text replacements (and much more) using some text expander:

  • AutoHotkey (for Windows, I use it.)
  • KeyboardMaestro
  • Espanso

You can think of it as a plugin that is now ready to be downloaded. By installing it once, it works as if we installed add-on in every application or we can selectively specify which application should accept which replacements. List of replacements and target applications can be quickly customized/edited, converting list of replacements from Anki to AutoHotkey would be easy task with help of spreadsheet editor or regex expressions if they can be copied from some table.

Some prepared AutoHotkey script for greek letters:

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Thanks! The auto hot key for greek letters feel a bit difficult to use at times though - how do you type CAPS with that?

Any way that you specify in AutoHotkey script.

  1. How do you write CAPS in Anki?
  2. optionally how would you like to write them?

For example you can specify “C” option for hotstrings in AutoHotkey to turn on case sensitivity. Then the case of input will be distinguished so the following two will be treated as separate hotstrings:

:C:\Gam::Γ ; "\Gam" → "Γ"
:C:\gam::γ ; "\gam" → "γ"

If you don’t want an equation to occupy a new line, use only a single $ sign, e.g.

If you want the equation centered on the next line, use two $ signs, e.g.


@TimLiu To me, suggestion from BlueSky looks like solution for your usecase/problem/request, would you agree?

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