Insert physical geographical location in a template

HI. Tried searching the forum but couldn’t find any answers. Say for a daily journal template, besides the date and time, I would also like to insert my current geographical location as well. Is that possible? Thanks in advance!

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The Templater community plugin allows you to feed your templates with the result of any shell command.

For example, on a Mac,

curl | python3 -c "import sys, json; r=json.load(sys.stdin); print(r['region_name'] + ', ' + r['country_name'])"

will return your_city, your_country. You could even manipulate the response in some other way, or build a google maps URL. However, it won’t go any more detailed than that, because it relies on IP location.

If you need a GPS-like “exact location”, that’s probably also possible, but you’ll have resort to another kind of API provider like, and the scripting will be harder to put together.


City and country is plenty enough for a daily journal entry. Just something to help reference where notes were taken for future reference. Will try this! Thanks!

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The script works like a charm and is exactly what I needed. But can’t seem to get templater to insert it :joy: I am able to get it to insert the dates, time etc as needed but it won’t render the location.

I have tested it on both my Macs and it worked. Can you post your template?

Thank you @macedotavares. This is the sort of personalization that makes me smile when I open up my daily note.

figured it out. It works when I use the hotkey by templater to manually insert the template. But now there’s another issue. I am using Calendar and when I click on the date or the hotkey, it creates a daily note and uses the “daily note template” i created and that works great. But it won’t render {{tp_location}} but the rest that is from system like {{date:DD MMMM YYYY}}, {{date:dddd}} will render. That is when I create a daily note.

If I use the templater hotkey to insert a template manually, the {{tp_location}} will work, but the others won’t work. Does that make sense? How can I do this easily :joy:

Basically, I just want to create daily notes easily based on a template that is created either when I click on the date in calendar or the hotkey assigned.

The Calendar and the Templater are two distinct community plugins and not meant to work together. I think your best bet would be to stick to Templater, possibly fixing some placeholders according to its documentation.

I can’t help you with this right now, but if by Monday you’re still having trouble, I’ll be glad to assist you.

Working like a charm now. Thanks for all your help!