Insert new Line (Ctrl + Enter)

Things I have tried

Searched through the command palette and can’t find anyone else with the same problem on the form except for an unanswered question here: How to define ‘ctrl+enter’ to trigger a new line? - Help - Obsidian Forum

What I’m trying to do

Before the recent change which built in sliding panes, I used ctrl+enter really frequently and now they shortcut no longer works. Originally, it worked the same way ctrl+enter works in vscode or in other code editors.

Essentially, if my cursor was in the middle of some text, ctrl+enter would make a new line and move my cursor to it without cutting the text in half.

CTRL + L should do the trick…

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Settings | Hotkeys - type ‘open link’ and delete[x] the ctrl+enter hotkey from that command.
Now type ‘duplicate line’, click add+ and enter ctrl+enter

If the hotkey shows with a reddish background then mousing over will show the conflict with another command in a tooltip.

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