Insert link into canvas when sharing to Obsidian app

Use case or problem

On mobile I quite often want to share a link from the browser to the Obsidian app. Currently when Obsidian is chosen to share the link to, the options are inserting into files or into the daily note. Canvases are not even an option (whether I’m on a canvas at the time of the sharing, or I try to select one from the files), even though one could create a link item on the canvas.

Proposed solution

Having the option of adding a link to a canvas (either if the canvas was open when sharing, or selecting from a list), the same way as if one would have added a web page manually.

Current workaround (optional)

Instead of sharing the link into the app, at sharing time selecting “copy the link” instead and manually “Add web page” on the target canvas (i.e. more manual copy-paste).

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