Insert bullet points from other notes

What I’m trying to do

Hi All. I’m new to Obsidian, I’ve read a lot but my question might be too basic. Apologies in advance :wink:

As a teacher, I have 1 note per class I manage. Each note contains 4 identical sections, for example: Status, Coming, Tests, Actions.
Within each section, I use bullet lists and sometimes action items (Tasks plugin)

I’d love a recap note (some kind of home page) that contains a table like:

Type Class1 Class2 Class3
Status a b c
Coming d e f

Where letters “a to f” actually display the content from appropriate sections from each note. At a glance, this would show me where I stand with each class. I could then enhance this with a calendar, show upcoming lessons dates/times, …

Things I have tried

Tried the basic ![[Class#Section]] , it displays the required bullet list, but it also displays a big title within the cell, which I’d like to avoid

Tried ![[Class^Section]] (Section becoming a generated paragraph id), but that paragraph is only the section title, not its content)

I tried to add a manual ^Class1Section paragraph name at the end of the class appropriate section (appended to the last list item, which I don’t find nice), and refer to it ![[Class^Class1Section]] but that seems to be considered as a paragraph of its own, empty, not containing bullet points (edit: or only the last one)

Could you please help me dynamically get the section content in the appropriate table cell?

I’m new to Obsidian and would love to not immediately jump into too advanced features. If you feel that my table/cells idea is not optimal, feel free to share other ideas.

Thanks a lot!

for your first Things I have tried it seems like you don’t want the transcluded header with the content. I just went through this, and found a CSS snippet that will hide the transcluded header.

/* */

/* disable title */
.markdown-embed-title {
  display: none;

/* Disable the first header in the embed (which is the third div), but only if this
isn't an embed of a complete node (which can be detected through checking whether the
title is empty). */
.markdown-embed-title:empty~.markdown-embed-content .markdown-preview-view .markdown-preview-sizer div:nth-child(3) :is(h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6) {
  display: none;

/* show the source in small, grey font at the top */
.markdown-embed::before {
  content: attr(alt);
  display: block;
  font-size: var(--font-smallest);
  color: var(--text-muted);

/* change the link background so it's occludes the text when it overlays the source */
.markdown-embed-link {
  background: var(--color-base-00);
  opacity: 1;

.markdown-embed-link:hover {
  background: var(--color-base-25);
  opacity: 1;

Thank you so much! I was reluctant to play with CSS, but it’s very understandable and effective!

Question: Can I go as far as getting rid of the purple side line on the left, that indicates that it is an amber?

Other question: maybe more general: Maybe my wish to include a full list is just a wrong way of apprehending Obsidian? Ultimately, shouldn’t I just dump a list of items (daily notes), properly tag them, and then just query all items that have the desired tag?

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