InoReader Plugin

Thinking of perhaps creating a plugin to grab annotations from InoReader using their API. Right now its possible to get a JSON object using something like the following request: app ID&AppKey=redacted App Key

This would first grab the stream of all of your annotations, 1000 per request, requesting annotation details (hence the annotations=1 part), as a JSON object, and then according to Developer Portal: Authentication & API Methods | Inoreader - Stream contents, we would be able to use the Continuation field to add a “c” parameter that would be able to continue the request and grab the next 1000 items and so on and so forth until no “continuation” field is returned.

Whilst the basic premise here is that one could dump their InoReader annotations into Obsidian (since there is no way to export annotations right now as a button or similar within InoReader that I am aware of), the reality is we could get more creative than this and use different Stream IDs, as noted at Developer Portal: Authentication & API Methods | Inoreader - Stream IDs, to get annotations only for specific tags, only for read articles, or other specific criteria (with some limitations).

The main problem likely will be trying to do this properly with OAuth2 from what I can see since I haven’t worked with that before, but assuming that all works then the next part would mostly just be parsing the JSON output correctly to ensure we are grabbing all the entries and then saving the annotations appropriately. JSON doesn’t look to be too complicated so I imagine this wouldn’t take a long time to figure out.

Would be curious to know if this would assist anyone; I couldn’t find anything similar for InoReader when I was searching around so thought I’d post this here to gauge interest and see if people are working on anything similar.

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Hi @tekwizz123, I just get here from a Google Search looking to see if there is any existing integration already. I’m Inoreader Pro user and would definitely welcome any integration with Obsidian :slight_smile: