Inner tooltip or popup (popover) as markdown


I would like to insert text as popup or tooltip just as markdown code in the context.
Is there any suggestion or can you implement it in the Obsidian if doesn’t exist!

Sorry I don’t understand what you mean – could you be a little more clear?

I would like to write a text (link) and a description of it as a tooltip.
It is the same when you make a link to an external note and in a popup, you can read that note when you hover on the link. Just I would like to make an internal link to a text which describes the link and put this description into the context somewhere or between a markdown if any.
It is the same as the bootstrap tooltip on a web page.

Perhaps this request is relevant: Add support for link types


It is solved.
I found this:
<abbr title="discription">Text</abbr>


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