Inline queries not working?

What i’m trying to do

I’m trying to get inline queries to do anything at all

Things I have tried

I’ve pasted in some simple examples from other forum questions and the dataview help page, but without any luck. I couldn’t decipher much else.

I’ve enabled js queries and inline js queries in dataview settings, but i can’t get inline queries to do anything at all. Not even show an error. It’s as if inline queries are completely disabled.

What I Need

Can someone send me an example of an extremely basic inline query (like the sum of 1 + 1) for me to experiment on, then help me figure out what’s going wrong?

Maybe the basic problem is: you’re used to using only live preview. :slight_smile:
Inline Dataview queries don’t work in LP, only in Reading mode.


How embarrassing… Not sure how i missed that note in the docs, but thanks for clearing that up!

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