Inline formula sometimes dosen't work

I am using Ubuntu 20.04. I’ve got problem in type of formula. all formulas are right (I checked in Latex and it’s good) but when I write formula in obsidian, one file sometimes is ok and sometime it doesn’t show. Actually sometimes it shows all of thing between $ $. and then it impacts in other formula. and other lines. and it’s very unstable. I checked some my earlier files that were completely ok, and now they are not shown correctly.

Secondly sometimes some files is ok in edit mode and then the problem remains in preview mode and vice versa

Another point is about obsidian is when I manipulate formula (for example rewrite a formula or remove added parentheses), then every things be ok. but it’s enough to close obsidian and reopen the problem will be back.

I point out I am not using plugin for type formula. and it seems all of thing is about just Obsidian.

I think Obsidian is going to be a new Microsoft word :)))).

Ubuntu 20.4
Obsidian App-image v1.3.7

for example I have trouble with this file
8.04 2023-08-27 23-26 Su The photoelectric (2.2 KB)

Moved to help for now following the bug report template.

Do you use live preview? I recommend testing with source and reading view and then seeing if you are still having problems. I think live preview can make mathjax unstable. Note also that you don’t get automatic equation numbering when using Obsidian.


yes I am using live preview, you’re right. But I want to add another point: I understood last night: When I close Obsidian in reading mode and then reopen it, this problems appear. And if I leave in preview live these problems eliminate. Even preview mode is sometimes unstable and now as you told me, I will work with source mode and hope to resolve. It seems a bug in Obsidian to interpreting of MathJax after opening in reading mode.

yes, unfortunately it doesn’t have and I numerate equation with < \tag{“number you want”} > command.