Inline Code Inside Callouts

What I’m trying to do

Have an internal link to my note property inside a callout, in the same note.

Things I have tried

I have tried both and $=dv.current().propery as inline code to link my property inside the note. Those two codes work great outside a callout but aren’t working inside a callout.

Is it possible to reference to a property inside a callout? It doesn’t make sense to have both values inside the callout and the properties at the same time…

Thanks in advanced!

What kind of a callout are we talking about? Could you show an example of what’s not working, but in the context you would like it to work?

I have a people note with one property for a birthday date for example.
In this person note, I created a multi-column using CSS, which uses callouts. For simplicity, regular callouts work the same way.

What I’m trying to achieve is to have a smart reference inside the callout, to the frontmatter property. Like that:

birthday: 2000-01-01

> [!note]

If I try to use “” outside the callout, it works. Otherwise, it isn’t. Any workaround?

Maybe this?

This works like a charm for me:

> [!info]
> `= this.birthday`

But @ariehen do have a point related to values updating, so if your query looks similar to my query, you could try reopening the note, or doing the command: Dataview: Rebuild current view. That should take care of any update issues.

In addition, there is a current bug related to some rendering of value related to using await and repeated fields in a list context which might be applicable in a callout/quote section as well.

Yeah, I have a few, admittedly simple, Dataview queries in callouts and they work fine.

I was curious about the inline variety in callouts, they work over here, but I noticed the query not updating with a YAML change and found that bug report.