Inherit YAML from Project Overview when creating new Project Notes

Hi – I’ve been using Obsidian for several months now to manage notes related to different projects I have.

The forum here has been invaluable to me, and I thought I’d make this post on what I’m currently troubleshooting. Maybe some of you could help.

What I’m trying to do

When I start a new project, I use QuickAdd to create a new “Project Overview” note from my “Project Overview” template. I use QuickAdd because I like being able to use {{VALUE: Project Name}} and {{VALUE: Collaborator}} – then those values are inserted into the Title, YAML, and some dataview tables I have setup to track progress and show related notes. I also have QuickAdd dynamically create a new project folder – “Create in Folder” Spaces>Projects>{{DATE: YYYY-MM}} {{VALUE: Collaborator}} - {{VALUE: Project Name}}

Then, I can keep all of my meeting notes and related project files within that project subfolder. I’ve been using QuickAdd to create meeting notes from template utilizing the same {{VALUE: }} prompts. So I end up entering the Project Name, Collaborator, etc. again; and if I misspell something…


What I’d like to do is to be able to create a new meeting note that pulls the Project YAML property from the Project Overview note and populates that value in a new note and applies my Meeting Note template. Then move that note into the correct folder automatically.

My meeting note template looks like this:

Fairly straightforward.

Things I have tried

I’ve been trying to learn some javascript and attempted to modify some code from Profile - holroy - Obsidian Forum I found here:

Since I know very little about js, I got very stuck.

I’ve also looked into the Buttons community plugin. I found this article on Medium: My Obsidian Setup — Project Management | by Nuno Campos | Technology Hits | Medium

Would love to hear some takes on this.

I was working more on the modified code and thought I’d share it.

const dv =["dataview"].api;

// Get the current file (Project Overview note)
const curr = tp.config.target_file;
const dvCurr =;

// Extract the values of "Project" and "Artist" from YAML frontmatter
const projectValue = dvCurr.frontmatter["Project"];
const artistValue = dvCurr.frontmatter["Artist"];

// Check if both values exist
if (!projectValue || !artistValue) {
  window.alert("The Project Overview note is missing required metadata.");

// Prompt the user for Meeting Attendees
const attendees = await tp.system.prompt("Meeting Attendees (comma-separated)");

// Generate the new file name in the desired format
const currentDate = new Date();
const formattedDate = currentDate.toISOString().slice(0, 10); // Format as YYYY-MM-DD 
const newFileName = `${formattedDate} ${projectValue} Meeting Note`;

// Derive the project folder path from the active file's path
const activeFilePath = curr.path;
const projectFolderPath = activeFilePath.split("/").slice(0, -1).join("/");

// Generate the path for the new meeting note
const meetingNotesFolderPath = `${projectFolderPath}/${projectValue} Meeting Notes`;
const filePath = `${meetingNotesFolderPath}/${newFileName}.md`;

// Define the content for the new note with inherited metadata
const content = `---
class: Meeting Note
Project: ${projectValue}
Artist: ${artistValue}
Date: ${formattedDate}

# ${newFileName}

Attendees:: ${attendees}

### Summary

## Notes

## Reflection


// Create the new note in the specified subfolder
const baseFolder = app.vault.getAbstractFileByPath(meetingNotesFolderPath);

await tp.file.create_new(content, `${newFileName}.md`, true, baseFolder);

Right now, I’m getting back this error in console (which might mean it’s unable to find the active file?):

To test the code, I open a project overview note for a project I’m working on, launch Command Palette (CMD + P), and select “Templater: Create new note from template”. Then I select my test meeting note template which contains only the code I pasted above.

I hope that helps or interests you.

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