Information privacy

I’m trying to figure out the best way to keep the information I have in Obsidian private.

I’ve set up a personal vault on my personal laptop and a work vault on my work laptop. I’m using Obsidian sync.

For my personal vault that lives on my personal laptop, I’d like to make Obsidian only accessible by me. I share the laptop with other people in my family, but don’t want anyone else to be able to see what’s in my personal Obsidian vault. What’s the best approach?

For my work vault - because it’s a work-issued laptop, I assume that my company could access the Obsidian files and read them if they wanted to. Is that right? I realize there’s probably not much we can do about that, but just want to understand what’s possible.

Many thanks!

This kind of thing is usually solved by having user accounts at the OS level.


For your home laptop, what @Sentiment said: have your account and a family account via the OS.

For the work issued laptop, assume anything can be read by your employer as the vault is just a folder of files. If you’ve set up E2E encryption, each remote vault has its own password so even if your work Obsidian app is logged in and syncing your work vault, no one can get to your other remote vaults (other than a list).

Home PC: sync both home and work vault.

Work PC: sync only work vault.

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You don’t say what you’re syncing where, but I wouldn’t put personal files on a work computer, and I wouldn’t put work files on a personal computer if I had a work computer.

Good point.

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