Influx plugin: success stories?

I love the concept behind the plugin Influx, which is making Obsidian a bit like Logseq. As of now, I find Obsidian’s backlinks pretty useless, as they show the children bullets (if you click on show more context) but not the parent ones. However, this plugin makes opening notes extremely slow (with the live update option turned off). Has anyone else tried it out?

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Yes, I tried it too. At first I loved it but recently disabled it. I found it was difficult to type notes above the influx area as the preview would jump around to too much. I also use the Task plug in extensively and so Influx didn’t work well in that flow for me.

My long standing workflow is to have a link to a page in my daily note that represents the person or topic I’m taking notes on, and then have bullets for the day (backlinked to the daily note) with sub-bullets for the notes. That’s kind of the concept of Influx but in reverse.

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+2 to this one. I also thought it was good. However, just today I tried to write a letter in Obsidian (as opposed to little notes) and I found it jumping around a ton. It was very distracting.

I turned it off and all is right in the world.

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