Influx "Bake in"


Since a few month I use the wonderful Influx Plugin. It’s a great feature to be able to quickly see all the paragraphs or bullet-hierarchies where the note / subject is mentioned. The plugin changed how I take notes and retrieve information. The only struggle I face now is that it led to tons of placeholder-notes that have any content and their purpose is solely to retrieve the information where the note is mentioned.

For example, I have a note “Strategic management” that is empty, but thanks to Influx I can easily retrieve content about Strategic management where I mentioned it in literature notes or elsewhere. The consequence is that

  • I don’t have any proper “evergreen” notes
  • The notes are not linked to anything because the notes don’t have content and such no mentionned other notes.

Copy and pasting the content from Influx or manually from mentioned paragraphs is a tedious task. Is there a plugin that allows to automatically copy-and-paste mentioned content to referenced notes?

I image something like a button or a command that allows to copy all content where “Strategic management” is mentioned into the note “Strategic management”, to semi-automatically fill the notes which today only live as reference points.

Do you know what I mean?

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I think I misunderstood the point of your message. Having a note called Strategic Management without content and without being linked to anything is normal. When accessed the power of the backlings will work and automatically bring all the content you linked to that note. And with the use of the influx plugin, the sub-bullets will be clearer since the plugin will bring the entire hierarchy of bullets.
Copying the content that Influx returns and pasting it into the note seems to me to be inappropriate since you will be left with “dead” information, just texts that were copied one day. You will miss the dynamism that Obsidian provides.

I don’t think you misunderstood the point of the message, there is just another level that I consider implementing. Though I agree partly with your perspective, consider the following :

Beside the ongoing note writing without content in the actual categories, I also aim for a bit like wiki-like documentation that can be repurposed another time. Besides, if I once noted a paragraph like in a Zettelkasten note or in a Daily Note, or a Meeting note.

  • Good [[Strategic Management]] is important for [[success]].

Strategic management will never be linked to success as incoming or outgoing link, neither in Influx (except for the paragraph where this was noted), not in the Graph.

Also, for example, one day I’d like to Publish a note “Strategic Management” with all - or ideally filtered - content related to it. Paragraphs where it is mentionned, links, etc.

So the intent is not to replace the note without content system, but to complement it with some “fixed”, curated content.

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