Individual display language setting for each vault

Use case or problem

Currently, I translate Obsidian help docs to Indonesian with Obsidian. It’ll be helpful if Obsidian interface is also in Indonesian.

Actually I can change it, but if it is changed, the language setting of my other vaults are also changed, meanwhile I use English for my main vault.

So I want the language setting is individual for each vault.

Proposed solution

For now, there are two places to change the language setting (on vault picker and gear inside Obsidian).

So what if the language setting on vault picker is the default setting (global setting). Each time creating/opening new vault, the language interface follow the global setting.

And the language setting in gear can override the global setting. So the language setting is preserved individually for each vault.

Current workaround (optional)

What I do is just changing the language setting to Indonesian. And if there’s another vault that opened, I don’t restart it in order to maintain its language setting.

And before closing my vault, I change the language setting back to English.

Related feature requests (optional)

This seems related (but not directly related).

I agree and I support this request. My works necessitates using vaults in different languages. This is very tedious if any change in language affects all vaults that I will open in the future.