Index of the directories with the notes and the links to subdirectories

I need an index file in the each of directory and its subdirectories.
More over, in this index page should be shown an autocreated list of files AND links to the indexes of descendant directories.

  first folder
    first subfolder
  second folder

The in the first folder should display the from the first subfolder in the autogenerated list.
For the first point I found the AidenLx’s Folder Note plugin with folderv Component.
All works fine, but folderv doesn’t create the list of folders, instead of it shows preview of the files inside of current dir, without links to the indexes of the nested subdirs.
For this point I tried Waypoint and Zoottelkeeper, both are not allowed to change the index file name in accordance with my folder note files.
What to try next?

I don’t understand — what do you want them to do that they’re not doing?

I’ve been using Waypoint with Folder Note Core, and it’s been working pretty well.

Yes, this bunch of stuff works pretty well with default settings, but I wanted to use a uniform filenames for indexes, same as in DokuWiki “start.txt”.

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