Independent font size for mobile and desktop

On iPhone the font size 16 looks great, but then on my Mac, it looks too big and I like it at 14.

In the Preferences it would be great if those could be controlled independently.

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I found that this can be achieved using CSS Snippets, but I think it would be better to have 3 sliders for each device to avoid dealing with CSS, especially people who are not familiar with it

it would be nice to have this option for zoom as well. On desktop and mobile I have very different zoom levels but id like to have my other appearance setting sync across.

A way to chose ‘overrides’ per device for specific settings that wouldn’t be synced would be very nice.

Unfortunately, I just noticed that using CSS comes with an issue (maybe that’s fixable, I don’t know):
When setting a fixed value, all headings become the same size, which is not ideal.

So yes, having a core setting that adjusts this would be great, where everything would be resized proportionally.

Different settings per device is available with Obsidian Sync. If you use another syncing method, you can use a different config folder for mobile (e.g., .obsidian-mobile). Settings > About > Override config folder

You may want to make a copy of your current .obsidian folder and rename it so you don’t have to start from scratch.

As always, back up before you do any of this. :wink:

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Thank you for the tip.
I’m new to Obsidian so excuse me if this is obvious…
How do I achieve that?
I can see that if I enable invisible files, I have the .obsidian folder inside my vault.
The .obsidian-mobile copy would be inside the vault as well? I know this is probably obvious and I would assume it should, but want to make sure I’m not doing anything wrong.

Now I ask:
Since I will have 2 folders for desktop and mobile, that would mean that if I install a plugin on the desktop, or add a css snippet, etc, that won’t be available on my phone?

What about updating the app itself?

Yes, they’ll both be in your vault, you’ll just be pointing the desktop app at one and the mobile app at the other via Settings > About > Override config folder

You’re correct that once you separate them, you’ll need to make changes (settings, plugins, etc.) separately in both apps. That’s why I suggested making a copy of your current .obsidian folder and use that as your mobile-specific config folder, so you aren’t starting from scratch, but from that point on, you’ll need to make changes in both places if you want them in both places.

One of the advantages of the official Obsidian Sync is that you get more detailed settings to choose what you do and don’t want synced.

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Thanks for clarifying.

Yes, using different folders for different devices seems like a headache down the road…

At this point, and maybe because I’m just starting to use Obsidian on a regular basis, I don’t see the advantages of using Sync. This “issue” with the font size is something I can live with for the time being. Not a big deal.

Thanks again for your time and help!

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