Indents no longer create code blocks

Many people don’t like that the Markdown standard creates codeblocks from indents, which prohibits using indents for other purposes. Indeed, many markdown clients (such as Bear) ignore this convention.

I propose a plugin that causes Obsidian to tread indents as indents, requiring ```for codeblocks.

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Yeah, for writing purpose I need this! I love to add indent when I change of subject/idea (it’s a writing convention, at last in France). The code markdown obliges me to use $\qadd$ to get this, and it’s not pretty good :confused:

I’d support an option for this in markdown, but it isn’t. And no plugin will be able to overcome the markdown specification. Fundamentally markdown was designed around the needs of programmers and web writers rather than writers in general.

That’s the reason for the usual preference to lines rather than paragraphs and for tabs to give code blocks rather than paragraph indents.

Typora assigns Enter to New Paragraph (Shift-Enter for New Line).
And uses CSS for an option to show a first line indent in paragraphs.
That’s probably the most you can hope for.

Wait, it can’t? Why not? That’s just what I would expect a plugin to be able to do: change (or extend) how Obsidian handles Markdown.