Indention for a whole textblock

Steps to reproduce

  • indent the cursor
  • start writing until the line breaks automaticly and a new line is created

Expected result

  • the new lines starts with the same indention as the previous one

Actual result

  • the new line starts with no indention (all the way to the left)


  • Operating system: MacOS Catalina
  • Obsidian version: v.0.6.0
  • Using custom CSS: no

Additional information


@FriSti I also experienced the same problem from ver 0.5.3 and already suggested for bug fixes in the discord suggestion tab.


  • OS : Windows 10
  • Obsidian version : v.0.5.3 first noticed and continued on v.0.6.0
  • Custom CSS : no

With v.0.6.0, the [tab] function is kind of given to make a smart “block” indent that is collapsible (it can be change to pressing [space]).
It is a great feature in opinion, but from someone who just recently moving from traditional OneNote software to markdown-based software, it is quite difficult to change the habit of pressing tab to make “actual indentation” rather than making an “blocked indentation”. Nonetheless, this feature rocks!!

I have implemented a smart indent function for this. Will be shipped in the next version.


I’ve been having mixed feelings about this. Aesthetically, I hate that the wrapped line doesn’t match the indent. But I have started appreciating the fact that it conserves a lot of screen real estate, especially when I have a few notes open and the windows get narrow. And, it does render in the Preview correctly.

I think my asthetic sense wins on this one. But I thought I would share my appreciation for the space savings.